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The Cardiac Implants Tri-Ring™ is designed to provide the functionality of the surgical gold standard, along with the safety and ease of use of a transcatheter procedure.

Tri-Ring™ Delivery Device


Tri-Ring™ Adjustment Tool



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The ring is stapled and separated from the delivery system in much less than a heartbeat (<5 ms).

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The 10 barbed anchors designed to avoid damage to surrounding anatomy. Once healed, they become durable and strong forces can be applied to adjust the ring.

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The Tri-Ring™ implant comes in four sizes (45mm, 50mm, 55mm, and 60mm) and will fit most valve sizes. The ring can be precisely adjusted to compensate for the patient’s physiologic condition.

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Nitinol delivery scaffold adapts to the dynamic valve annulus and deploys ring directly to the annulus.

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Encapsulated ring creates adjustable fibrous annulus for precise reduction and stabilization of annulus under physiological conditions in second stage procedure.

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